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The very first Pixel Patterns will soon leave the nest, eager to find sewing machines and children’s wardrobes around the globe. Join us on our Pixel Pattern rollercoaster ride as we are preparing everything for the Big Launch! Through our blog, you will get a peek behind the scenes and by subscribing to the newsletter, you’ll have a front seat at the pattern release. Welcome!

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Pixel Patterns in STYLO4

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Wow! Do I have some big news to share with you today… Today, the newest edition of STYLO magazine sees the light of day! In the past, this was an event I was... READ MORE

Dear diary

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Dear diary, The results of the first pattern tests are in. There’s a lot to be satisfied about, especially where the construction is concerned. Still, there are two issues which I wish to address... READ MORE

Once upon a time…

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  Pixel Patterns started as a tiny little thought. You  know, the kind that curls itself up in your brain and keeps wriggling , until you come to realise that Something Is Going On.... READ MORE