Once upon a time…

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Pixel Patterns started as a tiny little thought. You  know, the kind that curls itself up in your brain and keeps wriggling , until you come to realise that Something Is Going On.

The tiny little idea was discussed with a friend. “Go for it!’ she spoke. “You can do it!”

And so, the tiny little idea grew and took shape. After all, pattern drawing is something I truly enjoy: a stiff portion of creativity, a sniff of 3D math, coupled to a good fit and, above all, the thrill ofexperimenting



But the tiny little idea was plagued by Could-I, Should-I and Would-I, three pesky demons which can scare any good idea into a corner. And then, one day, the aforementioned friend was asked to contribute to STYLO magazine, which offers indie designers a platform for their work, by asking bloggers all over the world to create kids’ clothing from their patterns.

Such an opportunity cannot be denied… and with one well-aimed hit, Could-I, Would-I and Should-I were whacked under the carpet. Pencils were sharpened, brains brought up to steam and pattern paper was devoured. Soon enough, two patterns took shape: a raincoat and a dress.



And then the real work started. Digitizing and grading patterns. Testing. Building a website from scratch. Find a brandname. And lots of administration. 

All in four months time. A lunatic undertaking.

“If anyone can do it, it’s you,” my friend said.

Never minding that by saying so, she implicitly declared me a lunatic. (*)

But hey, this is where we are now! And our work behind the scenes is taking a first step into the public spotlights now. 

We hope that you are just as curious about the rest of this story as we are. In any case: it’s an honour to share it with you!

To be continued…

(*)  You are forgiven, Debora!

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  1. Kristien Grijp

    Succes gewenst!! Ik hou mijn vingers gekruist in de hoop dat er ook puberpatronen uitkomen! Van een jas!

  2. Ik heb je verhaal met heel veel belangstelling gelezen.

    Absoluut voortdoen !

  3. Merci, Debora! !??

  4. You can do it! Denk ook eens aan de kinderen die ook houden van een simpel a-lijn of t-shirt jurkje maar door hun lengte al een 152 of groter nodig hebben ?. Wij kijken met veel intresse naar houw leuke project uit. Succes!

  5. Ik zag net de jas voorbij komen, ziet er veel belovend uit, heel veel succes met je patronen!

  6. Wowww super ben erg benieuwd al ben ik beginnelinge, hoop dan ook dat er iets “gemakkelijk ” tussen zit ;-p
    Alvast suc6. ….

    • Dank je, Eveline! De jas in doorzichtig vinyl is verbazend gemakkelijk (geen voering 😉 ) en daarna komt er nog wel wat aan.

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