Sabine presents… Pixel Patterns

Pixel Patterns is a new Belgian sewing pattern brand in the making.

We start with two patterns for girls from 4 to 12 years old, but founder and designer Sabine has more ideas in store – inspired as she is by the enthusiastic sewing friends both in her own neighborhood and the wwworld at large!



picture by Debora Sluijs

Pixel Patterns presents… Sabine

Sabine is a rather unusual specimen. Over the years, she studied physics, journalism, sewing, color and style consultant and pattern drawing. To her mond, each of those studies are of equal importance.

At this moment, she’s working as a supervisor of a small sewing studio, where she overseess the launch of a new children’s clothing brand for premature babies to toddlers.

Before, she taught astronomy, worked for television, co-wrote a script for Belgium’s longest running comedy shows and was a web editor for the international pop band a-ha – at their request, yessir.

In between, she managed to activate the nuclear alarm at a power plant, got locked into a completely deserted hotel, was left stranded on the ocean floor and barely survived an attack by a ‘flesh-eating bacteria’.

Since then, her zest for life has only increased. It’s in this typical energetic and enthusiastic fashion that she now prepares Pixel Patterns for a life on the road.

Oh, and by the way: she loathes the word ‘madammeke’ – a rather derogative term all too often used toward women who are considered somewhat helpless… Consider yourself warned.